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Benefits of Investing in Solar Energy


The first thing we’re going to say about investing in solar energy is that it’s totally worth it! Of course, we guess you’d expect us to say that, right?

Seriously though, with the numerous advancements in solar energy technology throughout the past decade or so, it really is a great investment to go solar, especially for those of us on the sunny west coast. Homeowners will find that they qualify for a host of incentives by going solar, and there are other cost-saving benefits, as well.

If you are considering getting solar panels professionally installed in order to save money on electricity, now is a great time to do so! Read on as we uncover the benefits of this choice.

Solar Energy = Clean Energy

The energy you get from the sun is infinitely renewable—you will never run out of it! This means that unlike a fuel such as gasoline in a car, this energy can’t be depleted. Additionally, once your solar panels are professionally installed, they have no moving parts and require no energy input outside of the sun.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you get to skip professional maintenance or repairs as needed. Weather events can cause damage to solar panels. Albeit rare, it’s important to have a trained and experienced team for instances like this. Unlike other home comfort systems though, there aren’t any heavy annual maintenance needs with solar panels, and no fuel to restock on. This saves you money and reduces the carbon footprint of your household.

Solar Energy is a Safe Investment

Goodness knows there are shady investments people can make. Having solar panels installed is not one of them! They are admittedly pricey to have installed, and this is a factor you’ll want to consider. However, in exchange for this investment, you’ll see huge savings on your electrical utility bills each month.

Over the years, the use of your solar energy system will result in you saving hundreds of dollars. Also, since solar panels can function well for decades, you’ll likely be able to enjoy these savings all throughout your homeownership without the need to worry about the cost of replacing panels.

You Can Take Advantage of State and Local Incentives

The state of California encourages its residents to go solar! They support the implementation and use of solar panels, and offer a number of rebates and incentives to help homeowners similar to you in making this investment.

Work with Jonas Energy Solutions for your solar panel installation and services, and you’ll be partnering with a team you can rely on for all aspects of the work, from helping you decide what type of solar panels you want installed, where you want them installed (most homeowners are familiar with rooftop units, but they’re available for ground-mounting too), and the types of tax incentives you can benefit from.

Contact our team to learn more about solar energy in Windsor, CA! Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions about solar that you might have.  Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution!

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