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Our Maintenance Plan

Why should you sign up for routine maintenance with Jonas Energy Solutions? First off, maintenance helps your HVAC system work as efficiently and effectively as possible for years to come. During your maintenance tune-ups, our service technicians thoroughly clean, adjust, and inspect your heating and cooling systems. We check for any imminent repair needs, as well.

From here, we can make recommendations for you to follow up with service that will help your Lake County home comfort system give you the best performance possible. Maintenance helps you avoid the majority of repair needs a system may ever need in its lifespan, and helps your system retain 95% of its efficiency.

HVAC Maintenance Plans:

  • NO T&D, 1-2 Visits Annually – depending on unit type/size (Includes water heater Flush LP/Elec), 20% Discount on parts (that are not covered by warranty) – Service Repair Guarantee: Lifetime (Restrictions Apply)
  • Savings of AT LEAST $61- $445/year (savings varies by size of individual systems and repairs needed)

Generator Maintenance:

  • Discounted T & D, Annual Tune Up, 15% discount on parts( not covered by warranty.)
  • Savings of at least $100-$225/year depending on size and type of unit.

Solar Panel Maintenance Plan:

  • Includes: 2 visits annually, 15% on parts (not covered by warranty), discounted T & D & Performance Evaluation. Savings of at least $70 annually (Depending on number of Solar Panels)

****Out of County & Mileage Fees Excluded****