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How to Know if Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Monday, March 20th, 2023

Your heat pump wears two hats in your home, so when it breaks down, you’re left without heating and cooling. In an effort to avoid that, you need to pay attention to signals that your heat pump is struggling and needs repairs.

Getting heat pump repair doesn’t have to be a headache, but it should be done before a complete system breakdown. Pay regular attention to your heat pump using the information on this list and you should be able to avoid a breakdown in the near future.

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What Happens If Your Heat Pump Gets Stuck in Cooling Mode?

Monday, September 21st, 2020

While it doesn’t seem like it quite yet, we all know how cold our winters get and how cold our falls can get. Therefore, it’s important to have a fully functional and efficiently operating heater in place, right?

So let’s say you have a heat pump system in place. You had spring maintenance done before you used it for AC purposes, so it’s in great shape, right? Well… maybe, but heat pumps go through twice the work that a standard AC or heater does, therefore it needs twice the maintenance. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a very annoying problem. What problem is that? A heat pump that is stuck in cooling mode when the weather chills.

Read on to learn more about this problem and what may cause it–and then give us a call when you need quality, reliable repairs!

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