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Heat Pumps in Lake County, CA

What is it, exactly, that keeps Lake County residents coming back to Jonas Energy Solutions for their HVAC services time and time again? We can assure you that part of this loyalty is the guarantees we make to our customers. For instance, we promise your 100% satisfaction, or we’ll either replace your equipment or offer you a refund. We think that doing business with someone you can trust is important, so we want to be the contractor you trust!

Our heat pump system services are no exception. You have a variety of heating and air conditioning options when it comes to keeping your living space cool in the summer, and also warm in the wintertime. You can always count on us to provide you with sound advice on what type of system is best for your specific home. In some cases, this will be a heat pump system—and in many cases it will be a ductless mini split that operates on heat pump technology.

To learn more about our heat pump services and heat pump systems, contact our team today. Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution!

Heat Pump Installation

What should you know about heat pump installation? Plenty! First of all, heat pump systems help solve two home comfort needs at once—cooling and heating. These systems are year-round appliances that allow for efficient comfort in your Lake County home.

Heat pump systems are similar to central AC’s in the sense that they use the movement of refrigerant between two sets of coils to transfer heat out or into your living space. The main difference is that a heat pump allows this process to occur in two different directions, thanks to a component called the reversing valve. To ensure your heat pump installation goes off without a hitch, you want to work with a highly trained and experienced team, like ours!

Heat Pump Replacement

Have you looked into upgrading your traditional air conditioner or central furnace with a heat pump replacement? Our Lake County service technicians are experienced with all types of systems, and work with the leading brands to bring you the highest level of quality.

Heat pump replacements and ductless heat pumps bring homeowners a number of benefits, such as:

  • Convenience: A heat pump is one system that does it all. You don’t need to worry about installing, repairing, and maintaining two separate appliances through the years.
  • Energy Savings: When your heat pump is in heating mode, it consumes far less energy than a traditional electric furnace, since it transfers heat vs. generating it.
  • Safety: In heating mode, heat pumps by default are safer than gas-powered furnaces. That’s not to say gas furnaces are inherently dangerous, but this is a reason many homeowners choose the heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair

Any HVAC system you invest it will eventually need repair. Heat pumps are no exception! If you discover that your heat pump system is making odd sounds, is stuck in either cooling or heating mode, suddenly has low airflow, or your energy bills are higher than average, contact us for heat pump repair!

Ask about our maintenance agreement! Lake County residents who enroll in our maintenance program receive a number of benefits in addition to a precision tune up for their heat pump twice a year. These benefits include discounts on parts and replacement, fewer repair needs throughout the years, front of the line priority service, and much more! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today to learn more.