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Generators in Lake County, CA

It doesn’t take a major emergency to suddenly lose your ability to keep comfortable in your home—it can be something as seemingly minor as a blackout for a few hours one afternoon. If that afternoon is one of the hottest summer days or coldest winter days, you’ll need a whole-house generator to get your home back in business.

Whole-house generators serve as insurance for homeowners throughout Lake County, CA. But they can only work as effectively as they’re meant to if professionally installed by a team of highly trained service technicians, who follow up with quality and reliable generator services. Fortunately, you needn’t look any further to get that. We also provide service panel upgrades, helping you to further mitigate your risk of a major power loss. The Jonas team will handle the entire process!

Reach out to us today for your generator services. Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution.

Generator Installation

Also known as backup generators, automatic standby generators far surpass the abilities of portable generators. Of course, it’s essential to choose a generator that fits the specific needs of your Lake County Home. The key to this is that you know how many amps you need and which system will provide that kind of power.

We don’t expect you to know this right off hand! That’s what our team of install technicians is here for. On average though, most modern homes are designed to use a maximum of 200 amps, and most homes don’t use anywhere near that. Some older residences can’t even handle that much power, which means you may get by just find with a smaller generator—but an automatic standby generator is definitely the way to go versus a portable system.

Generator Replacement

The whole reason homeowners invest in whole-house generators is so that they’ll never be without the electricity that enables them and their families to go about their daily lives and be comfortable doing so.

If you have an aging generator, your generator struggled to cycle on last time it was used, or you have had to schedule multiple repairs, it’s likely time for a generator replacement. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Lake County service technicians for the job! We’ll give you the information you need to see if repair is the answer, or if you should in fact upgrade—and we’ll never pressure you into a sale you don’t want to make.

Generator Maintenance and Repair

Just like any other important home comfort appliance, it’s important that you have your whole-house generator professionally inspected and tuned-up on an annual basis. In fact, it may be even more important since generators aren’t used on a daily basis, making it hard to spot problems. Maintenance includes checking fluids, replacing or repairing worn down parts, and testing for problem areas.

Maintenance should only ever be done by a trained professional for safety reasons, but also to maintain your generator warranty! And when you do need generator repair, we’re the team you can trust for the job. Just see that as soon as you notice an issue with your generator, whether it’s an odd sound or it isn’t producing enough power, that you give our team a call right away.