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Air Conditioning Installation in Lake County, CA

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Your air conditioner’s most important service is the initial installation. If done properly, it provides the perfect foundation for a long air conditioner lifespan, reducing replacements and even reducing the need for repairs. We handle every installation with the utmost importance, so you can rest assured that your cooling system is working according to plan.

With our satisfaction guarantee and dedicated technicians, we continue to provide top-tier service to our Lake County, CA customers. Find out why our attention to detail goes unmatched, and what Jonas Energy Solutions can do for your air conditioning system and its efficiency.

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Ductless AC Installation

When you work with our team of highly trained and experienced Lake County technicians for your ductless AC installation, you’ll be working with leaders in the ductless industry, focused on doing the job right. Also called ductless mini splits, these systems have very specific qualities that require an experienced contractor to deal with.

A ductless system is a heat pump comprised of one outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor air handlers. Each air handler has a conduit behind it, drilled through a small hole in the wall, containing the power cord, refrigerant, and condensate line.

This sounds like an invasive project, but with Jonas Energy Solutions on the job, there’s no need to worry. Our installers wear booties and gloves, plus use drop cloths and runners to ensure we’re taking good care of your property while we complete your reliable ductless AC installation, or ductless AC replacement.

Heat Pump Installation

More and more homeowners throughout Lake County, CA are choosing the heat pump as their next home comfort installation. Why is heat pump installation and heat pump replacement so popular? Because of the efficiency and effectiveness of these two-in-one climate control systems.

They provide both heating and cooling all in one unit, saving space, energy, and money for homeowners. Heat pumps do have unique components, such as the reversing valve that allows for the change between heating and cooling. An amateur won’t know how to perform this installation to ensure components like this operate as they should. Professional heat pump installation means that your new air conditioner will perform as well as it’s meant to for the years to come.

Central AC Installation

There are a few basic steps that go into a central AC installation, but each step must be performed with complete care and precision. For instance, taking out your old air conditioner for a central AC replacement isn’t as simple as sliding it out and dumping it. It must be taken out without damaging connections, and properly disposed of so its components—such as refrigerant—don’t harm your family or your property.

Proper central AC installation ensures that everything is connected as it should be, with no damage occurring to the ductwork or electrical components. Our Lake County install technicians will test your system when the installation is complete, to make sure we’re leaving you with an impeccable central air conditioner.

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