How to Know if Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

March 20th, 2023

Your heat pump wears two hats in your home, so when it breaks down, you’re left without heating and cooling. In an effort to avoid that, you need to pay attention to signals that your heat pump is struggling and needs repairs.

Getting heat pump repair doesn’t have to be a headache, but it should be done before a complete system breakdown. Pay regular attention to your heat pump using the information on this list and you should be able to avoid a breakdown in the near future.

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My Generator is Making Weird Sounds

March 6th, 2023

Generators aren’t exactly quiet, but sometimes they can be a little too noisy. It’s important to pay attention to your generator and the sounds it makes, because loud noises can mask more subtle sounds.

Because your generator deals with so much power and is responsible for high levels of output, a small problem can cause a big ripple effect. Let’s find out if you need generator service in Clearlake, or if there’s nothing to worry about.

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How Effective Are Solar Panels in Cloudy Weather?

February 20th, 2023

Solar panels transform sunlight into usable electricity, so what happens when clouds come out to play and block direct sunlight from shining through?

Well, it doesn’t exactly block all sunlight, though it does make it harder for your solar panels to operate at peak efficiency. There are more than just clouds at play, though.

If your panels are damaged and you need solar repair Lake County, CA, you should take care of that first before worrying about efficiency during cloudy weather. But if your panels are in top physical form, keep reading to find out how much of an impact cloudy weather really has on your solar panels.

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How to Prepare Your Home for a New Water Heater Installation

February 6th, 2023

It finally happened–old reliable broke down and now you have to get a new water heater to replace it. Although it served you well, it’s time to say goodbye and figure out your replacement.

It’s a big investment and a big change in your home. You’ll want to be as ready as possible to avoid any unwanted surprises along the way.

Before you book a call for water heater installation, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and your home to make it as seamless as possible.

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How Long Do Solar Panels Really Last?

January 23rd, 2023

Solar panels are the best way to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money. The thought of getting solar panels installed can be daunting though, especially when you have no idea how long they last.

We’re here to tell you that solar panels will outlast most of the energy-related products in your home by a long shot. They will outlive your water heater, furnace, and air conditioner.

With proper solar services in Santa Rosa, solar panels can last for multiple decades. Let’s break it all down for you right now so you can determine whether or not solar panel installation is right for your home.

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Yes, Tankless Water Heaters Can Save You Money

January 9th, 2023

Have you noticed your utility bills rising? Companies all around the United States are changing their rates on gas and electricity, and it fluctuates so often. It’s a real problem for homeowners.

The only way you can control how much you’re being charged is to control how much you use. In the case of water, tankless water heaters are often referred to as the number one solution to save money on water.

But hold on: tankless water heaters are great and convenient and all, but do they really save you that much money? Let’s talk about that.

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5 Problems Your Whole House Generator Can Run Into

December 26th, 2022

Your whole house generator is the last line of defense against storms and uncertainty. When the power grid fails, your home prevails. These home systems aren’t exactly simplistic, and they require a great deal of maintenance to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Let’s examine the problems you may run into that’ll have you looking for generator repair in Santa Rosa so you’ll be aware of potential issues. It’s important to be aware of your whole house generator’s current status so you can identify when problems like these occur.

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Pros and Cons of Home Solar Battery Storage

December 12th, 2022

Solar energy is excellent, at least when it’s not cloudy or raining. While solar panels are an energy-conscious, renewable method of powering your home, it’s not perfect. But there is a way to take advantage of those extremely sunny days here in California.

With solar services in Lake County, CA you can get a solar battery storage system installed. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a system of batteries used to capture and store solar energy so it can be used later. Let’s go through the benefits and downsides of a solar battery storage system and find out if it’s right for your home.

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Are Ductless HVAC Systems Really Better?

December 5th, 2022
Two people enjoying ductless mini split air conditioning.

Air conditioning has come a long way, and now with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know what the best choice is for your home. Ductless systems are often pitted against traditional HVAC systems with ductwork because they offer a more energy efficient way to cool your home.

But that’s not all they’re good for. Let’s talk about the benefits of ductless HVAC systems and whether or not you’ll be scheduling ductless HVAC installation in the near future.

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Can Solar Panels Be Repaired?

November 21st, 2022
Solar panel technician on a roof.

The sun is shining, your solar panels are drip-feeding energy into your home, but when you go outside and gaze upon your roof, you realize something. One of your panels is damaged. In fact, it’s actually bringing in less solar energy as a result. Can it be repaired?

It’s complicated. Oftentimes, solar panels will need to be replaced, but it’s not the case every single time. Let’s talk about solar panel repair and if it’s even necessary for a slightly damaged panel.

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