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Service Panel Upgrades in Lake County, CA

Jonas Energy Solutions is not your everyday, ordinary solar services company. We’ve been serving your Lake County community for several decades, and our goal is to be a positive force in the community, providing more than just your basic HVAC and solar service needs. When you need an electrical service panel upgrade, we’re the team to call—not a solar company who will call a subcontractor and complicate the process.

Also called the circuit breaker panel, your service panel can be overwhelmed by the increased electrical demand placed on it. This can make it not only ineffective at powering your whole home, but even potentially dangerous. Fortunately, you have our technicians on the job. The Jonas team will handle the entire process, from determining your service panel needs to helping you upgrade to the best option for your specific household.

For more information about service panel upgrades or to schedule yours, contact us today. Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution!

Does Your Solar Company Offer Service Panel Upgrades?

Can your local solar company offer you a service panel upgrade? Adding solar powered appliances and solar panels to your home is great for a number of reasons. Doing this without upgrading your service panel can be a costly mistake.

Service panel upgrades are needed for a number of properties throughout Lake County. This is particularly true for your home, if:

  • You’ve lived in your home for over 25 years without ever having an electrical upgrade.
  • Your circuit breakers are constantly tripping.
  • You frequently experience flickering lights.
  • You don’t have a service panel, but rather you have an outdated fuse box.
  • You’ve noticed evidence of charring, indicating small electrical fires, in your service panel.

When you work with Jonas Energy Solutions to address this concern, you’ll never need to worry about being passed off to a subcontractor. We’re here for the whole job, from beginning to end. Also, we’re committed to your 100% satisfaction.

Why Upgrade Your Service Panel?

Homeowners have increasingly placed more demand on their service panels than ever before in recent years. The problem is, their service panels are only designed to manage so much capacity. The larger your service panel, the more electrical current your Lake County home can draw in from the city’s power grid.

Even if you don’t have numerous large electrical systems, upgrading is a good idea if you use a lot of electrical appliances, such as TVs, a refrigerator, home comfort systems, and even charging stations for laptops and phones. One thing you don’t want to do is cram too many systems and appliances on a small number of circuits, as you risk overloading them. This can lead to a blackout or even something more serious, like overheating and electrical fires.

If your home was built in the 1980s or prior to that, and you’ve not had your electrical system inspected, there’s a good chance that you have a lower amp panel that’s likely struggling to manage all the components currently connected to it. Even if you have a modern home, if you’re making an addition such as solar panels or a large electrical appliance, it’s wise to have your home assessed to see what your service panel needs are. All you have to do for that is give our Lake County technicians a call!