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Duct Services in Lake County, CA

If you’re like most Lake County homeowners, you probably don’t think about the “V” part of your HVAC system very often—that is, your ventilation. This is more commonly known as your ductwork, and if you’re utilizing a central air conditioner and/or a central heating system, then you rely on ductwork whether you think about it or not.

This ductwork contributes to your comfort in a number of ways. It helps your HVAC systems perform efficiently, and can either make or break your indoor air quality. Our technicians are the ones to talk to for your duct services, from testing and sealing to cleaning and even professional duct replacement. When you work with Jonas Energy Solutions you can count on 100% satisfaction. In fact, this is one of our many guarantees we make to our customers.

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Air Duct Testing

Do you suspect your air ducts are leaking air into unoccupied spaces of your home? Or perhaps you’ve discovered your air quality is poor. The only way to know for sure if dirty or damaged ductwork is to blame is through professional air duct testing. This is a complex process that greatly benefits Lake Country residents as it brings attention to ways to improve your HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality.

There are some specific signs you can watch out for that indicates something is amiss with your ductwork and you’ll benefit from duct testing to get behind what’s going on:

  • You have abnormally high heating and cooling bills.
  • You’ve noticed musty odors coming through your vents.
  • There has been a decline in airflow in one or more vents.
  • You hear your ducts rattling as your HVAC system runs.

Air Duct Cleaning

Most Lake County homeowners don’t realize just how much dirty ductwork can impact their wellbeing. There are a number of particles that can infiltrate your ductwork. Dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, and even bacteria can get trapped in your ventilation system and eventually circulate back into your home’s air.

Professional air duct cleaning eliminates this problem and helps get your indoor air quality and air conditioning efficiency back to where it should be. Air duct cleaning should be performed every 2-3 years, and should only ever be conducted by a trained and experienced professional in order to avoid unintentional damage.

Air Duct Sealing

The best way to ensure that your ductwork is giving you the level of air conditioning or heating it’s meant to, with proper air quality to boot, is to have it thoroughly tested, and sealed when necessary. Professional duct sealing improves efficiency, helps save you money, and keeps particles and allergens from infiltrating the ventilation system.

Professional air duct sealing is about much more than simply slapping on some duct tape. In fact, that won’t work at all! Store-bought duct tape is actually not aptly named. It turns brittle within months, and is a temporary fix at best. Professional duct sealing involves special mastic sealing, applied carefully by our experienced technicians. Contact us today to learn more!