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Home Battery Services in Lake County, CA

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All that solar panel energy has to go somewhere. If you want to store excess solar panel energy (and who doesn’t?) you need the right home battery to do so. We provide home battery services so you can make the most of your solar panels and gain true energy independence.

We handle installations that work with your home’s existing electrical system, but we go one step further with the Self-Generation Incentive Program, which grants you savings by providing energy redistribution throughout the state of California. Ask us about it today.

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Home Battery Installation

The service technicians here at Jonas Energy Solutions are trained and certified by Generac and Enphase to install and service residential home battery storage systems. These systems help store power for later use, providing backup in case there is a prolonged interruption from the electrical grid.

  • Generact PWRcell: This is an intelligent energy storage system, Equipped with PWERview energy monitoring technology. PWRcell protects you during times of power outages, and enables you to control your energy usage to save on utility costs. Get through the night on stored solar; protect what’s important—your home and your family—during power outages.
  • Enphase Ensemble Encharge™: This battery storage system stores your excess power for times you need it the most, such as during grid outages, putting you in control. Get energy insights that empower you! If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, the Enphase Ensemble Encharge™ makes it easy.

Ask About the Self-Generation Incentive Program

Jonas Energy Solutions is an approved developer for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). This program provides incentives that support distributed energy resources in the state of California.

They offer rebates for qualifying distributed energy systems installed on the customers’ side of the utility meters, and include internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and advanced energy storage system such as the two we mentioned above. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

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