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AC Repair in Lake County, CA

When you schedule home AC repair in Lake County, you want to be able to rely on those repairs, right? The last thing you need is an air conditioner that just breaks down again weeks, or months later. When you work with Jonas Energy Solutions you never have to worry about a shoddy job. You can stop searching online for “AC repair near me” and just give our technicians a call—we believe you should do business with someone you trust.

Our team is empathetic to our customers’ needs, and we will always educate you on your options so you may make a choice that best fits your requirements. Whether air conditioning repair service is the best option, or you decide on AC replacement in Lake County, we’re here to help. You’ll never have sales pressure from us.

For quality air conditioning repair in Lake County, CA, contact our team today. Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution!

Lake County, CA Ductless AC Repair

Who better to call for your ductless AC repair needs than the experts in the field? We are leaders in the ductless industry. Also called mini split systems, ductless air conditioners require special care when it comes to their maintenance and repair needs. Amateur work can leave you with property damage and inefficient cooling, but you’ll never have to worry about this with our mini split masters on the case!

Unique ductless AC repair needs include broken air handlers, air handlers with leaks in the wall behind them, and refrigerant loss. Don’t let any of these issues impact your comfort and HVAC efficiency—contact our team for your ductless AC repair.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps work very similar to traditional central air conditioners, utilizing the flow of refrigerant in order to transfer heat from the indoors to the outdoors. The difference is that these systems have a component called a reversing valve that allows the refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction to provide your home with heat in the wintertime as well as cooling in the summer.

Reversing valve issues are one of the most common heat pump repairs we make, as well as refrigerant leaks, ice development on the outdoor unit, and electrical failures. These issues never have to keep you down for too long when you have Jonas Energy Solutions on the job. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for your Lake County heat pump repair needs.

Central AC Repair in Lake County, CA

Do you know the signs that you need central AC repair? Some indicators are quite apparent—like the loss of cooling power. Others can be subtle at first, but grow until you’re facing a broken-down central air conditioner. We’d like to help you avoid this scenario, by sharing with you the signs of a central AC system in disrepair:

  • Low Airflow
  • Short-Cycling
  • Loud or Unfamiliar Noises
  • Higher than Average Energy Bills

These signs indicate that something is amiss with your central AC, or something is causing it to operate less efficiently than before. If you spot these signs, shut your system down, and contact our team!