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All I can say is..................... PERFECTION!!!! After having a home with NO central heat or air for years and utilizing a swamp cooler and space heaters.. it worked... it was ok... BUT When it was hot outside it was hotter inside ... and when it was cold outside it was FREEZING inside. Space heaters work somewhat but the PGE bills are expensive ! Then came Jonas Energy Solutions with my Mini Split SOLUTION! I could not be happier! The day after it was installed the weather was cold and within 15 minutes of turning on the Mini Split, I was actually HOT in the house! It is unbelievable how well this unit works. We have had some hot days recently and I can confirm that air conditioner cools down my house just as quickly. I made the appointment and Jonas Energy Solutions was at my house within days. The work was done quickly, safely and efficiently. Jonas Energy Solutions found a way to install the electrical so it is not unsightly and you cant see anything but the unit. The technicians were courteous and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Jonas Energy Solutions for your Heating and air Conditioning needs. They are one in a million!!!!

JD - Dixon, CA