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Your Energy Experts in Lake County, CA

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The Heating Emergency: We’re Here to Help!


Fall weather is cooling down Lake County, but we’re still not into the true winter conditions where we’ll rely on home heating systems. But that time is approaching, and it can arrive before you know it. This is why we stress fall heating maintenance; there’s no better way to get a heating system in top shape so it will sail through the season with minimal problems and no heating emergencies. 

But We’re Here to Talk About Heater Emergencies Anyway

We offer 24/7 service for heating repair in Calistoga, CA and throughout Lake County—no restrictions. We know how important it is for your home to get heating help when there’s a major problem with the furnace or other heating system. We aren’t about high-pressure sales; we provide empathetic service, seeing that you are happy with the work we deliver and your home is comfortable.  

You can rely on us to complete your emergency heating services. We’ve been in the industry since 1935 and are proud to be a positive force in the community. You can trust us. We even offer upfront pricing so you won’t be caught with unpleasant sticker shock. Honesty is important to us because it forms vital bonds of trust with customers. Without trust, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Common Heating Emergencies

When a heating system isn’t providing the heat necessary to keep people warm indoors, or if the heater won’t turn on at all, it’s a serious problem that warrants calling us, no matter the time of day or night. There are also a other emergencies to watch for that may not seem as obvious but which demand the attention of professionals:

  • Signs of a cracked heat exchanger in a gas furnace: Gas furnaces are the most common heating systems in the area. If properly maintained, a gas furnace won’t offer safety worries. However, a crack in the heat exchanger for a gas furnace is a danger that can send harmful gases into the home. If you hear a rattling sound from the heat exchanger in the furnace, clicking sounds after the blower fan turns off, or the CO detectors in your house go off, you’ve got an emergency heating situation.
  • Repeated tripped breakers: This applies to both electric and gas furnaces. When you turn on the furnace, and it soon shuts down because a circuit breaker trips, you may have a major fault in the system that needs fast attention. Please don’t keep resetting the breaker if it trips over and over—this is warning you that there is a major malfunction that could cause combustion hazards or electrical fires.
  • Short-cycling: This refers to when a heater turns on for a short time, then shuts down, then turns back on a short time later, repeat. This places strain on the heater and could push it to a full breakdown. If you notice this occurring with your heating system, get ahead of the problem with fast repairs. There are many possible sources for short-cycling, and it takes professionals to determine the specific issue so it can be fixed and the heater rescued.
  • Loud noises: Your heater shouldn’t make a racket when it runs. If it does, shut it off and call for service.

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