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AC Efficiency Tips for a Carefree Summer!


While we can’t promise you a 100% carefree summer, we can get you a lot closer to it than you would be without the following tips.

The thing is, too many homeowners don’t realize just how important efficiency is when it comes to running their air conditioners. They assume that if their energy bills are too high, they should just stop using their air conditioners for awhile to cut down on those bills. But the fact of the matter is, you don’t have to stop using your air conditioner at all!

Read on as we go through some tips to help you use your cooling system more efficiently, and subsequently save some dough.

Schedule Maintenance!

This is a service typically recommended in the spring, for good reason. Springtime is before you need your air conditioner the most, and when professionals are less busy so they can get you on their schedule right away.

But does that mean if you skipped maintenance this year you should just wait until next spring? Not at all! In fact, doing this can be even more detrimental to the operation of your system than having it done now.

Unless your air conditioner is completely broken down and beyond repair, it’s never too late for AC maintenance. During this service, our technicians thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your system, also taking note of any repair needs. All of this helps the system run more efficiently!

Turn Up the Temp

Have you ever left your air conditioner off on an 80°+ day because you weren’t home, only to return to your household and set your AC down to 72° to help your home cool down as fast as possible?

Here’s the thing, your air conditioner doesn’t work any faster just because you set the thermostat down lower. In fact, setting the thermostat this low just makes the air conditioner run longer than it should have to, which is essentially a waste of energy.

Most people are actually comfortable around 78°F, and keeping your air conditioner set to this temperature all day, even if you aren’t home, is actually more efficient than blasting it when you get home later in the afternoon.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Surely on mild summer days or warmer spring days, you use your ceiling fan to circulate air, whether or not you use your air conditioner, right? Well, what if we told you there was a benefit to using your ceiling fans in combination with your air conditioner?

Turning on your ceiling fans in the rooms you’re using while your air conditioner runs helps the air spread more evenly. This even distribution of cooled air helps you feel cooler, and you will likely be able to turn the thermostat up a few degrees, therefore using your air conditioner more efficiently since it won’t have to run as long.

Ceiling fans won’t help lower the temperature, but because of the assistance they offer your air conditioner, it will certainly help you feel more comfortable indoors.

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