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Beware These Signs You Need AC Repair


Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting in your living room relaxing. It’s about 85°F outside, but that’s okay. Your air conditioner is blasting away, providing you with cool air that makes you feel perfectly comfortable. Until suddenly, it stops.

You run over to your thermostat–the settings are correct and it still seems to be working fine. You check the circuit breaker–did it trip? Nope, the circuit breaker is fine. So what’s going on? You call for emergency repairs, but you have to wait a little bit because everyone else is doing the same thing.

Suddenly your relaxing afternoon turned into a frustrating and uncomfortable one. But what if you could prevent this? Read on to learn how you can.

Preventing AC Repair Needs

The first step in preventing AC repair needs is scheduling routine maintenance each year. It’s typically best to have your cooling system tuned-up each spring. But consistency matters more than timing!

The second step in preventing AC repair needs is knowing the signs you actually have one! Even with maintenance, air conditioners can still experience problems. Read on as we uncover some of the most common signs that your AC is in disrepair.

Reduced Airflow

This can be caused by a few different things. First, check your air filter! Your HVAC air filter should be changed every 1-3 months to help protect your air conditioner and to help airflow. Airflow problems can also be caused by damaged ductwork. The best thing to do when you discover low airflow is give our team a call!

Low Cooling Power

So let’s say the airflow is okay, but the air doesn’t seem as cool as it should be. This could be the sign of a refrigerant leak! There’s a fairly common misconception that refrigerant is a fuel and it has to be refilled every now and then. But refrigerant should last the air conditioner’s entire lifespan. If you have a leak, it needs to be repaired to restore cooling power and system functionality.


Short-cycling is a process where your air conditioner turns on and off rapidly throughout the day, never actually completing a cooling cycle. AC systems use the most energy cycling on, so this is of course inefficient. Short-cycling also accelerates the wear and tear on the system which can lead to premature replacement needs. Avoid this by giving us a call if you hear your system short-cycling!

Weird Sounds

What qualifies as a “weird sound”? Well, anything that’s unexpected, really. If it’s not a sound you’ve heard come from your air conditioner before, you’re right to be alarmed. It can be the sign of a loose component, a refrigerant leak, or something as benign as worn motor bearings that simply need to be replaced. Listen for shrieking, grinding, hissing, excessive rattling, and anything else unusual–if you hear any of these, give our team a call!

Contact our team today for quality AC repair in Lake County, CA. Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution!

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