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How to Make Your Home More Efficient


What’s the appeal of making your home more efficient? Well, greater efficiency means greater savings! And the good news is, there are many ways you can help make your home more efficient.

For example, did you know your HVAC systems encompass half of all your energy use? So having them professionally maintained is vital to their efficiency. We’ll explore this more below, in addition to some other ideas on how to make your home more efficient. Read on!

HVAC Maintenance

If you haven’t scheduled your heating system maintenance yet this year, now is the time! During your maintenance tune-up, our team comprehensively inspects, cleans, and adjusts the components that need it.

This reduces repair needs and helps keep the system functioning as it should–efficiently. Additionally, it helps your system work as safely as possible. This is an especially important point if you have a gas furnace.

No, gas furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous. However, if they’re improperly cared for, they can become so. Even without the danger, though, your heater can lose 5% of its efficiency rating for every year you go without maintenance. On the other hand, annual maintenance (or biannual maintenance, if you have a heat pump or ductless system) can help your system retain 95% of its original efficiency rating!

Solar Panel Installation

There are so many reasons to go solar!

First off, it reduces your carbon footprint, which means you get to help the environment. Also, there are so many statewide and federal rebates you can get nowadays when you install solar panels.

Lastly, solar panels drastically reduce how much power you’re drawing on from the electrical grid. And you can use solar panels to power any electrical equipment or appliance in your home. You’ll probably benefit most from solar HVAC, but solar water heaters and solar power lighting are also extremely advantageous for homeowners looking to live more efficiently.

Keep Up on Home Repairs

More specifically, we’re talking about keeping up on repairs for your appliances, especially your HVAC systems. As we mentioned above, your air conditioner and your heater should be tuned-up each year.

It’s during this tune-up that our professionals will closely inspect your system and let you know about small repair needs you should take care of right away. This allows you to address them before they turn into much bigger, and more urgent, repair needs.

For example, a very common, small, repair need is worn-out motor bearings that need replacing or re-lubricating. Doing this right away will keep your HVAC system operating smoothly. Waiting on it though can cause friction to develop. Eventually, your motor will overheat, and so too will your HVAC system, potentially even breaking down completely.

Even without a full system breakdown though, waiting on a repair need like this means that in the meantime, your HVAC system won’t work as efficiently as it is meant to.

Reach out to us today if you need to schedule your next tune-up or HVAC system repair!

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