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5 Problems Your Whole House Generator Can Run Into


Your whole house generator is the last line of defense against storms and uncertainty. When the power grid fails, your home prevails. These home systems aren’t exactly simplistic, and they require a great deal of maintenance to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Let’s examine the problems you may run into that’ll have you looking for generator repair in Santa Rosa so you’ll be aware of potential issues. It’s important to be aware of your whole house generator’s current status so you can identify when problems like these occur.

1. Battery Failure

Batteries lose charging capacity over time, no matter what application they’re used in. This also happens with car batteries and lithium-ion phone batteries, so it’s not unique to your generator.

When your battery doesn’t provide enough power for the system to run, it either short cycles or doesn’t turn on in the first place. This is a symptom of battery failure.

This will either require a new battery installation or a technician to inspect the problem. Sometimes the issue can simply be faulty connections and the battery is perfectly okay, which is a best-case scenario and not nearly as expensive to replace.

2. Your Generator Won’t Turn on

If your generator won’t turn on at all, that’s a pretty big problem. The underlying issue doesn’t have to be catastrophic, but it’s certainly disruptive.

If you’ve had your generator serviced, inspect the advanced settings and make sure they weren’t tampered with. Sometimes these can reset after a repair or maintenance visit and need to be switched back.

3. Low on Coolant (Leak)

Generators can have two different types of coolant systems: closed loop or open loop. A closed loop system should never run low on coolant (this indicates that there’s a coolant leak somewhere that needs to be repaired).

However, most home generators are closed loop systems since open loop units are traditionally used in large-scale applications. If your generator has a coolant leak, operating it could cause further damage.

4. Clogged Fuel Lines

Fuel oxidizes and becomes sludgy over time. It’s completely normal but still needs to be taken care of. Sludge could be mucking up your fuel lines and making it difficult to pump through the generator.

Make sure your oil filters are clean and use fuel treatment to prevent sludging. Oil filters capture impurities that need to be removed to ensure normal operation.

5. Stalling Mid-Operation

Generators need airflow to work properly. Inspect your generator’s filter to make sure there isn’t a major block or loads of debris.

It could also be stalling due to low oil levels. Without sufficient oil, it can stall at many points during operation and shut off.

Your Whole House Generator Needs a Helping Hand

Is your generator running into some of the problems that we’ve discussed on this list? That means it’s time for repair. Call us today to schedule a time to repair your whole house generator so it can be there for you when you need it the most.

Contact Jonas Energy Solutions today to schedule a repair for your new home generator and reclaim your comfort.

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