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These Factors Impact the Cost of Your AC Installation


One of the brand promises we pride ourselves on is that we offer upfront pricing. So naturally, a common question we get is “how much will my AC installation cost”? While pricing can be upfront, we do need to go over some specifics first before we can give you a truly accurate answer.

While this blog post won’t give you an exact price, we’re going to break down the factors that go into the cost of your cooling system installation so you can be better prepared when you give us a call to install your next AC.

Type of Air Conditioner

The first factor to consider when determining the cost of your AC installation is what type of air conditioner will best suit your specific home and needs. Just a few of the AC systems we install and service include:

  • Central Air Conditioners: When you hear the term “air conditioner,” this might be the one you envision. Traditional, central air conditioners are comprised of an indoor unit and outdoor unit, with a network of ducts to route cooled air throughout your home. Older central AC systems have their efficiency issues, but today’s central air conditioners are highly efficient and make a great option for many homes!
  • Heat Pumps: A heat pump is a great option for a family that needs both a new air conditioner and furnace or heating system, or even a family who is just looking for more cost-efficient cooling and heating in general. It’s set up like a traditional central system, but has a reversing valve that enables the flow of refrigerant to change so you can use it for cooling and heating.
  • Ductless Systems: A ductless system takes heat pump technology a step further. It’s comprised of a single outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor, wall-mounted air handlers that can be individually controlled from one another. They’re highly energy efficient and great for families who disagree on what the “right” temperature is for comfort.

Efficiency Needs

Every type of air conditioner comes with a SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and this refers to the ratio of cooling output of a cooling system over a typical cooling season, divided by its energy use in Watt-Hours.

Comfort Needs

When you install a new air conditioner, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your home is much cooler than it was before. This is the nature of replacing an aging system with a new one, since today’s models are so powerful and efficient.

But, some air conditioners will simply provide more powerful and direct cooling than others, depending on your living space, and this goes back to what type of air conditioner you have installed. If you have a large home and depend on an evaporative cooler, you may not be able to stay as comfortable as you would have if you’d invested in a ductless system.

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