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What Kind of Solar Panels Are Best?


Homeowners are often looking for ways to live “greener” here in the Lake County area, while spending less on their energy bills overall. This leads many people to look into the benefits of solar panels, and solar energy in general, to see how much they can save.

Did you know, though, that there are actually different kinds of solar panels? Roof-mounted tend to be the most popular, and you’re probably familiar with seeing them. For our primarily sunny conditions, they do tend to make the most sense.

But some homes have obstructions, whether it be chimneys, trees, or the like, that can impact how much sunlight is actually able to reach your solar panels. The good news is that you have two other options to choose from; the ground-mounted solar panel and the pole-mounted solar panel! Read on to learn more.

Rooftop Solar Panels Can Have Restrictions

As we alluded to above, rooftop solar panels are not the right choice for every home in the Lake County area. Whether there’s an obstruction from a chimney or tree, or if your roof isn’t at a great angle to receive direct sunlight, then you could have less effective solar energy use.

There’s also your roof size to consider. It may not actually be large enough for a solar panel system that’s able to meet the electrical demands of your home, which have likely increased in the last decade or two.

Too many homeowners assume that the restrictions on their roofing mean they won’t benefit from solar energy. This brings us to our other options–the ground and pole-mounted solar panels.

The Benefits of Ground/Pole-Mounted Solar Panels

Ground-mounted solar panel systems can be installed on any open land, and therefore are quite easy for our professional solar energy technicians to place. Ground-mounted systems don’t require any drilling into your roof, and the components used to secure one of these systems are really lightweight and easy to work with.

Ground-mounted panels can be set up at literally any angle, and can also be directed to face the most sunlight possible to take full advantage of their own functionality. Your roof restricted this, while a ground-mounted system could help you generate more electricity.

The one potential “downside” of a ground-mounted solar panel system is that it is typically a little more expensive to have installed, due to the permits required to install solar panels on land, and the labor involved.

However, once you have the right permitting, ground-mounted systems can be placed wherever they will function best, and they’re going to lower your energy bills even more than their roof-mounted alternatives.

So What’s a Pole-Mounted System?

Pole-mounted solar panels are ground-mounted solar panels, but with even more versatility. They can support multiple solar panels on a single pole, plus they can elevate those panels even higher off the ground than the standard setup is able to.

Pole-mounted systems are great if you have limited ground space in your yard due to landscaping, or if you prefer to have more open space to use in your yard.

For professional solar energy services, including solar panel repair in Lake County, CA and more, contact Jonas Energy Solutions!

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