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Tips for a Successful Solar Panel Installation


In our previous blog post, we talked about ways that solar panel users could save even more money while using solar energy.

What’s important to remember though, is that solar panels and solar panel installations can only be successful if they’re professionally done and well cared for. We’ve collected some tips to share with you that guide homeowners on how to care for their solar panels in a way that ensures successful implementation. Read on!

Eliminate Shade and Debris

Solar panels are great because they utilize the free energy from the sun. However, if sunlight can’t actually reach your solar panels, you have a problem! This starts with proper installation, of course, but there are other factors at play here.

Take shade, for instance. Do you have trees that are blocking the sun from fully reaching your solar panels? How about debris? Things like dust, dirt, and even bird droppings can cause problems, getting in the way of your solar panel effectiveness and energy savings.

Essentially, anything that obstructs your solar panels won’t allow for the energy savings you got the solar panels for. Now, we aren’t saying that you should hop on your roof and take care of this—give our team a call for solar panel maintenance and repairs. If trees are the issue, hire a professional landscaper to take care of the problem for you. We’re always here to advise you as well!

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Installing solar panels is already a huge step in the right direction toward energy savings, but it’s definitely not the only thing you can do to save energy. Consider swapping out your incandescent lighting for LEDs, and upgrading to energy efficient appliances, thereby lowering your energy consumption at night to get your bills as low as possible.

Add a Backup Battery

If you don’t already have a backup battery, you might want to consider getting one! Without a battery, any energy you didn’t use on any given day goes back into the grid. With a storage battery though, you can hang on to that energy and therefore spend less on your energy bills.

Monitor Your Energy Usage and Your Utility Bills

Going solar is highly recommended for homeowners throughout the country. But if you invest in this installation without ever giving it a second thought, or taking a look at your utility bills to make sure you’re saving money, then it may not have as big a payoff as you expect.

Get your energy usage information from your energy provider and see where your energy is going. This will help you make sure you’re getting the best efficiency from your electrical system while using solar.

Stagger Your Energy Consumption

Did you know that staggering the usage of your electrical appliances can actually help you save energy? For example, don’t use the dryer while you’re also using the washing machine—do your loads one at a time to prevent drawing too much power from the grid and adding to your electrical bill.

To learn more about your solar panel installation in Lake County, CA, contact our team today! Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution.

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