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How to Ensure Successful Solar Panel Installation


There are a number of factors that go into the successful installation of any appliance in your home, and solar panels are no exception.

For starters, you need a team who is experienced and highly trained to do the job for you. Secondly, you need that team to be able to advise you on where solar panels will be most effective–are the common roof-mounted panels best for your home or would ground or pole-mounted make more sense?

These are questions we can help you answer when we come to do an assessment. Read on for more details, and then give us a call when you’re ready to go solar!

Reducing Shade and Debris

One of the methods to ensure a successful solar panel installation is to reduce shade and debris. Solar panels are excellent investments because they use the free energy from the sun. But what if that sunlight can’t actually reach your solar panels? Then you have a problem.

This problem can be resolved by first ensuring the installation is done by trained and experienced professionals who know what to look for. From there, we can look for trouble areas–where trees may obstruct the view, where debris like leaves or branches usually come to rest on your roof, things of this nature.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to remove trees from your yard! We just may need to strategize how to install and angle your solar panels more appropriately on your roof, or look into ground-mounted or pole-mounted solar panels for your property. Whatever the obstacle, we can find a solution for you!

Using Efficient Appliances

Installing solar panels for your home is a great first step in the right direction toward efficient energy use, however it’s definitely not the only thing you can do to save energy! Consider swapping out your large appliances for ENERGY STAR certified systems, and your incandescent lighting for LED’s. The more efficient your appliances, the further your solar energy will go.

Have a Backup Battery Installed

If you aren’t familiar with a solar backup battery, this is a great addition to your solar panel installation! Without a battery, any energy you don’t use on any given day goes back into the grid. With a storage battery, you can reserve that energy and spend less on your energy bills, plus if we have a rare few days of stormy weather you don’t have to worry about not getting enough energy use in your home.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption

Going solar is something that many homeowners are doing nowadays. However, if you invest in this installation and then don’t think about it ever again, or don’t look at your utility bills to make sure you’re saving money, then you may not have as big a payoff as you expect. Be sure to connect with your energy provider to see where your energy is going to ensure you’re getting the most from your solar panels. We can make some recommendations if not!

For the successful installation of solar panels in Middletown, CA, contact Jonas Energy Solutions today!

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