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Can Solar Panels Be Repaired?

Solar panel technician on a roof.

The sun is shining, your solar panels are drip-feeding energy into your home, but when you go outside and gaze upon your roof, you realize something. One of your panels is damaged. In fact, it’s actually bringing in less solar energy as a result. Can it be repaired?

It’s complicated. Oftentimes, solar panels will need to be replaced, but it’s not the case every single time. Let’s talk about solar panel repair and if it’s even necessary for a slightly damaged panel.

Solar Panels Are Complex Pieces of Equipment

Solar panels contain a set number of cells within them. Each cell is responsible for bringing in the sun’s rays before it’s converted. If your solar panel has a damaged cell, it doesn’t mean the entire panel is useless.

Most panels include no fewer than 32 individual solar cells. If one of them is damaged to the point that it’s unusable, that’s unfortunate, but typically not enough of a reason to replace an entire panel.

Because each level of a solar panel is sealed to provide maximum efficiency, manufacturers and on rare occasions third-party panel repair vendors are the only ones who can properly replace individual solar cells.

It’s important to keep in mind that these repairs are often expensive and require a lot of work, and  they can also void the manufacturer’s warranty if you use a third-party repair service.

Cracked Panels Don’t Lose Enough Efficiency

A cracked solar cell will be less efficient, usually in correlation to the level of damage. Cracked cells can still bring in a good amount of power, which is why we don’t recommend replacing an entire panel because of one cell. However, you also shouldn’t ignore a cracked cell.

A damaged cell can let in rain, which can short your entire panel, or potentially surge the inverter that transfers light from all of your panels into usable electricity (DC to AC). One cracked panel could be extremely damaging for your entire solar panel system if left unchecked.

So How Do You Repair a Solar Panel?

You seal it. Solar panels come sealed when they leave the manufacturer, which is part of what  gives them excessively long warranties of 20-30 years. These panels are designed to withstand rain, high winds, and even hail.

However, sealing a panel is normally a DIY solution since it can void your warranty in most circumstances. It really comes down to budget vs. the ability to replace an entire panel. It’s one of the reasons that maintenance is the most important service for your panels to hopefully prevent this from ever happening in the future.

Additionally, solar repair services can replace PV elements in solar panels, as long as the service is performed by knowledgeable professionals who are able to remove the glass on the exterior of panels without voiding your warranty. Solar panel repair can also mean fixing wiring, burned out elements, and other issues beyond a cracked panel.

Repair Your Solar System Today

Solar panels are complicated, but getting service shouldn’t be. We’ll help you decide whether or not your panel should be completely replaced, if a patch or repair can protect it from the elements, and advise you on the next step of your solar power journey.

Contact us today to repair your solar panels and restore your solar system’s energy efficiency as fast as possible.

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