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Tips for Gas Furnace Safety


Safety has definitely been a popular topic of conversation lately, especially here in California. With COVID-19 cases rising in our area, it’s only natural that homeowners and their families are concerned with keeping their households as healthy and safe as possible. Even with a vaccine being available to the healthcare industry, we’re not quite at the end of the tunnel quite yet. So, what can we do to ensure the safety of our families while safe at home this winter?

It starts with proper furnace care, actually, particularly if you have a gas powered system. That’s not to say that gas furnaces are automatically dangerous systems to have. However if yours is not properly cared for, then it certainly can become dangerous.

Read on as we go over some of our top tips to keep your gas furnace and home as safe as possible.

Improve Your Gas Furnace Efficiency and Safety

The leading way to ensure that your gas furnace operates as efficiently and safely as possible is with professional maintenance! Maintenance is a service that enables our technicians to thoroughly inspect, clean, adjust, and check for repair needs within your heater.

Ensuring that everything works as it should is a step toward making sure your system is operating safely. Plus, these steps help the system work more efficiently too, saving you money! Read on to learn how else you can protect your gas furnace and make it safer to operate:

  • Clear Away Debris: Keep your furnace area clean! It’s vital to gas furnace safety. After all, your furnace produces heat through combustion. If you keep anything combustible near the system, there is going to be a fire risk. You should make sure that there is at least 2 feet of space surrounding the system, clear of debris, and swept up. Additionally, your indoor unit should be free of dirt and dust on the outside.
  • Test Carbon Monoxide Monitors: Just like your smoke detectors, your carbon monoxide detectors (CO detectors) should be checked twice a year for functionality. It’s imperative if you have a gas furnace or any gas-powered appliance that you keep your carbon monoxide detectors in good working order. This ensures that if potentially harmful CO gets into your home, you are warned before it becomes a severe issue. If your CO detectors do go off, you should evacuate the home, and then call your utility company’s emergency line right away and have the gas line shut off. After that, give us a call for emergency repairs.
  • Trust Your Smeller! If something smells funky, don’t ignore it. That said, it’s natural for your furnace to be a little stink when you first turn it on for the season. This is because dust will be burning off the jets and burners within the system. But this odor should dissipate within a few days. If it doesn’t go away or the smell gets stronger, it’s time to give us a call. In fact, you should shut the system off first, then give us a call.
  • Replace the Air Filter: This one isn’t so much a safety tip, but it will definitely impact the efficiency of your furnace. The filter that is inside your furnace protects the system from dust, dirt, and other debris that can get inside. If it gets too clogged up, it can restrict airflow. As a result, your furnace will run longer to try to compensate, which is highly inefficient. While not necessarily dangerous for your home, it can be harmful to your wallet!

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