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Sounds That Might Mean Furnace Trouble


It can seem pretty easy to ignore some of the noises that your home’s systems and appliances make. We may deny that something is amiss because fixing it can be an annoyance.

However, there are certain sounds that just should never be ignored. While a small rattle, for example, might indicate something as simple as a loose panel, it could instead be a cracked heat exchanger, which could actually lead to dangerous carbon monoxide exposure.

Here at Jonas, we understand how vital it is to protect yourself and your household. If you’re hearing some strange noises, please don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with our staff. Read on to learn about some sounds that can definitely be the sign of furnace problems.


Do you hear a loud screech coming from inside your furnace? This is probably a sign that the blower motor in the furnace isn’t working as it should. When a blower motor malfunctions, it means that the heat produced by your furnace won’t be able to circulate warm air around your home successfully.

This may simply mean that the blower motor needs lubrication. We say “simply” because this is a really easy fix for our technicians! However, if you let the sound go on for too long without addressing it, what could be occurring is that the motor bearings keep wearing down to the point that the increased friction causes the motor to break down, and therefore causes the furnace to break down.


If you hear something that resembles metal-on-metal, then you probably are hearing metal on metal. This can be a serious issue with your furnace’s blower wheel. If this is what’s happening, you’ll want o turn off your furnace and contact our staff right away to prevent further damage to the blower wheel. The more damage your blower wheel accumulates, the more damage your budget does too.


Usually, a boom or bang you may hear coming from the furnace is the sign of a dirty burner, which can actually be a dangerous problem. The noise you’re hearing is caused by a delay in ignition due to dirt and buildup. The gas builds up, then when it ignites, a small exploring happens inside the furnace.

The problem with this is that every time it happens, it rattles the whole furnace, which can lead to further problems like cracked heat exchangers and damaged gas lines.

It’s important to remember, too, that there is a lot of room for error in DIY repairs–if you suspect you have dirty burners, you’ll want to give us a call, as accessing them yourself can lead to more harm than good.


Like we mentioned above, a light rattling might be nothing more than a loose panel. Or it could be your ductwork fluctuating with the temperature. Alternatively, it could be a cracked heat exchanger.

The problem with a cracked heat exchanger is that it can lead to dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide exposure. If you hear rattling that you’ve never heard before, please give us a call right away.

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