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“Should I Have Heating Maintenance Done Yet?”


With our recent heat wave, it may seem odd to even be considering service for your heater. But the fact is, fall is right around the corner, and when temperatures do cool down, you’ll want your heater to be ready. Therefore, having heating maintenance done now is perfectly fine, if not preferable.

Nobody is going to ask you to turn on your furnace tomorrow, we just think it is a good idea to start thinking about its functionality early. Fall is just a few weeks away and this is the time when we typically recommend our customers get their heating maintenance on their calendars.

The Importance of Annual Maintenance

One of the most common questions we get about HVAC system maintenance is, “Do I really have to have it done every year?”

The answer is yes. The consistency of this service matters more than what time of the year you have it done. It’s really important that you have furnace maintenance done once a year. If you have a year-round heat pump, we recommend this service twice a year! Here’s how this will benefit you:

Your System Will Last Longer

The estimated useful service life for your home’s heating system is about 10-15 years, but that estimate relies on your getting maintenance done routinely. Without routine, preventive maintenance, this lifespan can be cut in half.

Your Warranty Stays Current

What a manufacturer’s warranty does is cover your financial liability if your system has a malfunction or a repair need that’s due to a manufacturer defect. This warranty is null and void, however, if you fail to have annual maintenance done, and/or if you attempt to do heating repairs on your own. The same goes for your air conditioner.

Your System Performs As Efficiently As Possible

When you have the right professional care done for your heating system each month, it should be able to retain 95% of its original energy efficiency throughout its entire lifespan. Every year you skip maintenance, on the other hand, your heater can lose about 5% of its original efficiency rating. This also means you’ll be paying more for utility costs each month than you should have to.

You Won’t Need As Many Repairs

Professional heating maintenance can actually reduce your repair needs by up to 85%. The reason for this is that during maintenance, we inspect your system and look for small signs of wear and tear. If we find them and fix them sooner rather than later, then it’s less likely that they’ll grow into a bigger and more expensive repair need.

You’ll Have a Safer Heating System

This is especially important if you have a gas-powered heater. While these systems are not inherently dangerous, they can become so if they’re not properly cared for.

Ask About Our Maintenance Plan

Join the Jonas Energy Solutions Membership Program! Our professionals will make sure your system stays in great working order, plus our members get a whole host of benefits, including front-of-the-line priority service, discounts on parts and replacement, and more.

Contact Jonas Energy Solutions today for reliable heating maintenance.

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