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It’s Time for This Important Heating Service

The official end of summer is upon us, do you know what that means? It means that soon enough, we’ll be using our heaters on a regular basis.

There are many things you’ll probably do to prep your home for fall and winter, and your heating system needs to be given consideration as well. In fact one of the most important things you can do for your home comfort and safety is to schedule professional heating system maintenance!

Read on to learn how heating maintenance helps homeowners, why it’s so important for the health of your system, and why fall is a great time to get it done!

The Importance of Professional Heating Maintenance

Many of the problems that can negatively impact a heating system are the sort that you may not even notice until it’s already caused damage. This is the main reason that you don’t want to wait to schedule heating maintenance. That’s like waiting for a problem to present itself even though you have the power to prevent it.

Preventative heating system maintenance gives our professionals the chance to closely examine your system and isolate any problems that may be developing in it. These problems can then be repaired before they have the chance to grow into something that will threaten your heating system and your comfort.

Maintenance can actually help you avoid up to 85% of the repair needs your heater might ever have. How so? Because during this service, we do a very thorough inspection, and during that inspection we look for small adjustments and service needs.

For instance, we might notice that the motor bearings to your blower fan might have worn down due to natural wear and tear. Even though this is to be expected, if you skip maintenance and nobody notices that the motor bearings need to be lubricated, it can lead to the motor itself burning out, and your system breaking down.

Professional maintenance also helps maintain your system’s manufacturer warranty. Most systems have a warranty that actually stipulates you must have professional maintenance done, and that only a qualified professional can conduct repairs. DIY attempts or skipping maintenance could leave you financially liable for repair needs in the future, even if they’re a manufacturer defect.

Is Fall the Best Time for Heating Maintenance?

Generally speaking, yes! This is because it’s before you need your system the most. It’s better to have maintenance done ahead of the heating season because then you’re less likely to have an urgent and unexpected breakdown in the middle of fall or winter when you need the system the most.

That said, however, consistency is more important than timing. As long as you’re having maintenance done once a year, you should be able to keep your heating system in great shape! Maintenance in the early fall just means that you’ll be less likely to have a service interruption if you do need repairs or adjustments to your heater before you can start using it again.

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