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Is Professional Duct Sealing Really Necessary?


The first thing you probably think if someone tells you that your air ducts might have damage is, “Okay, well, isn’t that what duct tape is for?”

We totally understand this misconception. However, perhaps disappointedly, duct tape has an inappropriate name. It’s actually pretty useless when it comes to HVAC air ducts.

The reason for this is that when duct tape gets hot and cools off repeatedly, it becomes brittle within a few months and starts chipping and flaking off. And since the temperature of your ductwork fluctuates as you run your HVAC systems, this is clearly a problem!

So, that means the solution is professional duct sealing. But, how do you know you need it, and is it really that necessary? Read on to find out!

Signs That You Might Need Professional Duct Sealing

There are a few problems that can crop up throughout the years that you may attribute to your HVAC systems–but no matter how many times you call for repair, it doesn’t seem to help. While this wouldn’t happen with our team as we’re very comprehensive in our services, what’s likely happening is that you have an undiagnosed ductwork problem.

What are the signs?

Uneven Heating or Cooling

Are you running your heater or cooling system only to discover that some rooms are warmer or cooler than others? While this can be the case of an older HVAC system that simply can’t do its job as effectively or powerfully as it used to, another possibility is that there are tears in your ductwork allowing air to escape out.

Lack of Airflow

Have you noticed that in certain rooms of your home, even though the air might seem warm or cool enough, it doesn’t seem that powerful? This could be, again, due to ductwork damage not allowing all of the air to reach these rooms.

Over time, pinhole leaks and small tears can develop as a result of extreme heat (particularly in the case of ductwork that is in the attic), or even from pests and rodents getting to it. Another possibility is that the ductwork wasn’t adequately installed, to begin with.

Excessive Dust Buildup

Have you noticed that the dust buildup on the surfaces of your home seems to have increased? If it’s during a season where you’re running your HVAC system, then your ductwork can definitely be to blame. The thing is, not only do damaged ducts let conditioned air out, they let dirt, dust, and debris in.

And the problem with this is that it negatively impacts the efficiency and efficacy of your HVAC systems, and it’s also bad for your indoor air quality.

The Necessity of Professional Duct Sealing

Professional duct sealing will help improve your HVAC efficiency, and therefore keep your heating and cooling bills lower. It will also help improve your indoor air quality so that poor air quality stops exacerbating allergy and asthma symptoms.

So the real question becomes, can you really afford to go without duct sealing if your ducts need it?

For professional heating and duct services in St. Helena, CA, look no further than Jonas Energy Solutions. Contact us today!

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