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Heed These Signs of End-of-Season Heating Repair Needs


It can seem like winter is going to last forever this year, but in reality, spring is right around the corner. With that springtime weather comes warmer temperatures, and you might already be dreaming of the day you can use your air conditioner instead of your heater to keep comfortable throughout the year.

You’re probably already using your heater less and less these days, but you definitely shouldn’t just shut it off for the season and never give it another glance until you need it next fall. This is especially true if you didn’t have maintenance done in the past year. You could have repair needs you’re not even aware of, and ignoring them can leave you with a completely broken down heater, which you definitely don’t need and we don’t want for you!

So, how do you detect if you have heating repair needs? Read on for some common signs:

A Booming Noise

Do you hear a booming noise when your gas-powered furnace starts up? This can be indicative of an ignition problem. What you’re likely hearing is a small explosion within the system due to a buildup of gas caused by delayed ignition. This gas buildup occurs when the burners are dirty and covered in grime, which can happen with a lack of maintenance.

The problem with this is, every time this “booming” happens, it rattles your furnace, and this can end up damaging the heat exchangers of your furnace. These heat exchangers collect gases that could be potentially harmful to your household.

A Clicking Noise

This is another noise you should listen for—except instead of listening for it when your gas-furnace starts up, you should listen for it when it shuts down. It can be the sign that you already have a cracked heat exchanger. Heat exchangers expand and contract as they heat up and cool down, so if there is a cracked heat exchanger the clicking you hear can be the crack closing.

These cracks are microscopic, but can let carbon monoxide gas come into contact with your indoor air, which can be harmful to your family.

Uneven Heating Through the Home

This can be the sign of damaged ductwork. Your air ducts are tasked with delivering the warm air from your heater into the various rooms of your home. If there’s a leak anywhere along your ducts, then that air can escape out of your home before it does anything to improve your comfort.

Pay attention to things like a hissing noise or reduces airflow as these are very strong signs that you do in fact have a ductwork breach.

A Clanging Noise

Here we are talking about yet another noise. But odd noises are literally the most popular indication that something is wrong with your heater. A clanging sound can indicate something amiss within the furnace (or air conditioning system) like a loose component. It may be your motor blower or fan blades. Whatever the case, our pros can get to the bottom of it and fix your issue.

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