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As the Season Comes to a Close, Heed These Potential Heating Repair Needs


Springtime is right around the corner, and you know as well as we do that means warmer temperatures are right around the corner too! However, if our winter weather was any indication this year, mother nature can surprise us with chillier-than-average conditions.

Whether we have another unexpected cold spell in the coming weeks or if you just want to ensure that your heater is fully functional next fall when you need it again, now is the best time to manage any end-of-season heating repair needs you might have. Of course, if you had professional maintenance done for your heater this past fall, and if you managed any pending repair needs at the time, then you’re likely in great shape and won’t have any unexpected furnace repair needs before the season is up–unless of course, we’re talking about a very old heating system.

It’s still good to be aware of the signs that you may in fact need heating repair sooner rather than later. Read on to learn what those signs are!

Loud or Unexpected Noises

If you’re utilizing a furnace system as your home heating source, then you’ll always hear some noise coming from it as it runs. This can include the air whooshing through the vents and into your home, and even the slight rattle of your air ducts as the temperatures inside them change and cause the ductwork to expand and contract.

What you shouldn’t detect from your heater, however, are any noises that seem out of the ordinary. This can include banging, clanging, excessive clicking as the system cycles down (this can be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger) if you have a gas furnace), hissing, or screeching.

Strange Smells

The only time you should ever detect any odor coming from your furnace is maybe at the very beginning of the heating season. The reason for this is that sometimes there will be some dirt and dust that has to burn off of the jets and the heat exchangers when the system cycles on for the first time each season. However, this smell should dissipate within a few days, if not sooner.

So if you detect anything strange now, this late into the heating season, it’s a sign that you need to turn off your heater and give us a call right away. You could be detecting a gas line leak, or even electrical wiring burning.

Lukewarm Air Coming from the Vents

This can, of course, be a very frustrating problem to have with your heating system. After all, your heater has one job, right? If you discover cool or lukewarm air coming out of your vents while the furnace is running, it’s worth giving us a call so we can inspect.

This can be the sign of a potentially harmful problem, in the case of a gas-powered heating system. Even in an electric-powered heater, a lack of warm air or uneven heating can be a sign of problems with your air ducts or your thermostat. These will both impact your AC efficiency in addition to your heating efficiency, so it’s best to get it taken care of ASAP.

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