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My Generator is Making Weird Sounds


Generators aren’t exactly quiet, but sometimes they can be a little too noisy. It’s important to pay attention to your generator and the sounds it makes, because loud noises can mask more subtle sounds.

Because your generator deals with so much power and is responsible for high levels of output, a small problem can cause a big ripple effect. Let’s find out if you need generator service in Clearlake, or if there’s nothing to worry about.

Grinding Or Metal Screeching Sounds

Your generator has a piston and bearings. These interact with one another, but if there isn’t proper lubrication between these two different metal components, it releases an awful wailing sound.

This sounds like a simple solution. Just lubricate the parts, right? Well, when you hear this sound, there could already be a fair amount of damage. Lubricating oils and solutions can cake or solidify over time when not in use, just like oil in a car engine.

If you haven’t had to use your generator for a while, this could be what’s happening. It’s important to get a technician out to your home as soon as possible and ensure that there isn’t a major mechanical failure going on.

Weird Chattering Noise

Think about teeth chattering, but mechanically. This can happen when one component is loose inside of your system, but also when a part begins to fail. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong.

This could also be a bad fuel mix. This is the component in your generator that quite literally mixes fuel together. Without proper fuel supply, your generator won’t be doing much of anything.

It’s difficult to diagnose this problem based on sounds alone. If that chattering sounds more like a nickel is banging around inside of a tin cup, then there’s a loose component that could cause a complete generator breakdown.

Shooting Sound

This one is a bit particular. Your generator has a fuel-to-air ratio that it needs to operate. If there’s a low ratio, combustion in the generator happens more slowly. This can result in a problem with the combustion process not being able to keep up with the fuel source.

If the exhaust valve isn’t open during slow combustion, your entire generator can backfire. This can create a loud popping sound, but more importantly, it can cause some serious damage to your generator.

At this point, you need to safely shut down your generator to prevent further damage and call a technician to inspect and repair your generator as soon as possible. It’s not worth waiting and risking the longevity of your generator.

Repair It Now, Maintain It Later

If these sounds lead to a problem that requires repairs, then that’s what has to be done. If you want to avoid as many repairs in the future, maintain a regular generator maintenance schedule so you can always have a technician inspect it and check for problems and wear and tear.

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