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It’s That Time: Here’s Why You Should Test and Maintain Your Generator


Generators tend to be one of those systems that you hope you’ll never need, but when you do need them, they’ll be a lifesaver. The last thing you need, after all, is to find out that your generator has failed in the middle of an emergency when reliable electricity is vital.

While we don’t experience as severe of storms as other parts of the country do, widespread power outages do still occur, and when they do you want to be ready for it. You already have a generator, so now what? Well, when’s the last time you scheduled maintenance for it? That’s right, generators need maintenance! Read on to learn more.

“Why Do I Need Generator Maintenance?”

You probably understand that all mechanical systems require some type of repair now and then, due to natural wear and tear. But maintenance is needed too–to address potential problems before they turn into emergencies or unexpected system breakdowns.

Generator maintenance should be done at least once a year, if not more often. If your generator got used recently, it could use a maintenance session now even if you had one last season. Here’s some of what our team does during your generator maintenance appointment:

  • We check for frayed or loose wires and burnt-out spark plugs–replacing both as needed.
  • We make sure that your gas line is sound and properly fitted to your generator. This includes diesel lines too, in case that’s the model of generator you have.
  • We check the vents and exhaust lines to ensure they are not clogged up.
  • We’ll lubricate all moving parts and remove dust from key components in your generator system.
  • We test the battery and other electrical components to ensure they work and will cycle on when needed.
  • We check your system for any signs of corrosion or rust.
  • Lastly, we’ll run your system for about 15 minutes to watch for any signs that a problem might be cropping up.

“Does This Really Benefit Me?”

Well, yes! The primary benefit of having your generator professionally inspected, as we alluded to above, is to prevent any unwelcome surprises when you need the system the most. Our trained and experienced professionals know what details to watch out for, and can make adjustments and repairs quickly if needed.

Then, if further repairs are needed, we can help you get those on your schedule quickly too.

Ultimately, maintenance helps improve your system’s efficiency and longevity. Any small issues that are allowed to add up can take a toll on your generator over the years. This impacts the efficiency of the system, costing you more in used fuel than necessary when you do use the system.

Generator maintenance helps you avoid issues that could lead to repairs as well as premature system replacement. This way, if you do have a power outage that lasts for days, you don’t need to worry about being uncomfortable because you can’t run your HVAC system, food spoiling because your fridge and freezer got too warm, or being without medical equipment that may require electricity!

For professional generator repair in Lakeport, CA and more, contact Jonas Energy Solutions today!

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