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You AC isn’t Supposed to Make These Noises

You know your air conditioner. You’ve been pals for years. But suddenly, it doesn’t sound like itself. It’s a bit louder and you’ve begun to notice. The fact that you’ve noticed these noises is a good thing.

It leads to air conditioning repair Santa Rosa, but when you hear these sounds before your AC breaks down, it gives you a time frame to fix the problem before it leads to bigger issues. Let’s talk about what these sounds mean and what you can do about them.

Heavy Banging Sound

If you hear what sounds like metal banging against metal, that could be due to a loose component. Most commonly, you’ll hear these noises coming from your compressor when something comes loose. If it’s left alone for too long, it can lead to more components knocking loose and become harder to diagnose based on sound alone. It requires immediate attention, and you’ll want to shut down your AC in the meantime.

Clunking Noises

If it sounds like a clunky kind of thudding noise, it’s likely your fan blades. When your fan blades spin, the vibrations caused by kinetic energy can loosen bolts and alignment over time. If your blades lose alignment, you can hear the edge of one of the fan blades clanging against metal every time it makes a full revolution. While this is something that can be inspected on your own, it’s not a guarantee that this is causing the noise. You should still call a professional to take a look for you.

Light Humming or Buzzing Noise

Electrical problems are never fun, but that’s what this sound likely means. Your condenser has its own fan (apart from the fan that blows air into your ductwork), and when that begins to go out, it pulls in more power than necessary to maintain operation. You can hear this in a light, electrical humming sound that wasn’t there before. It’s important to power down your unit with the thermostat, and in this case, call for emergency repair services.

Metal Screeching Sound

This noise is what your air conditioner would make if it were a pterodactyl. Okay, it’s not quite that loud, but it’s loud enough that it’s alarming when you hear it. This is what happens when metal scrapes against metal without lubrication.

There’s lubricant between your metal components that’s restored every time you have air conditioner maintenance. But some seasons are harder than others, or maybe your AC is running more often than it used to. Whatever the cause is, it’s important to note that it’s not good and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Your Need Repair Before Something Breaks

If your air conditioner is making any of these sounds, it’s time to call for a repair technician before things get worse. Prevent further damage and potential breakdowns–this is your opportunity.

Think of these AC sounds as a warning shot to let you know of danger. Because, well, that’s what they truly are. Our team is at-the-ready to repair your AC and get to the bottom of what’s causing these noises.

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