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Is It Ever Too Late for AC Maintenance?

If your AC is already experiencing major problems, you may have passed the maintenance window. If you can’t recall the last time your AC has been serviced and you want to be proactive about caring for it, this is exactly what you need to know.

Two AC technicians working on an outdoor unit with masks and a tool bag.

Air conditioning maintenance prevents large-scale problems and prolongs repairs while improving your air quality and comfort at the same time. Let’s talk about the benefits of AC maintenance and help you find out if you still have time to schedule air conditioning maintenance.

Why Do I Need AC Maintenance?

The same reason your car needs an oil change: performance. AC maintenance ensures that your unit functions as peak efficiency. This has multiple benefits.

  1. Lower annual energy costs.
  2. Less wear and tear on your AC unit.
  3. Air conditioner longevity.
  4. Improved air quality.

When your unit is clean and the drainage lines are cleared out, it doesn’t have to run for nearly as long to achieve optimal results. That means less air is being pulled through the unit, less dust gets on your coils, and all moving parts have to work far less than normal.

What Happens If I Don’t Get Regular AC Maintenance?

Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your unit by years, possibly even doubling its life expectancy. Wear and tear is unique to each unit, so while there is no concrete answer on the exact time frame, a lack of maintenance will definitely reduce it.

Failing to properly maintain your AC unit can cause quite a few problems.

  1. Decreased air quality.
  2. Increased response to allergens in the home.
  3. Increased frequency of repairs.
  4. Short cycling.
  5. Your unit works harder than it has to.

Regular maintenance ensures all of your air conditioner’s working parts are lubricated, have no cracks or signs of wear, and that your system is operating at peak efficiency. If problems arise during inspection by a technician, they can take proactive steps to fix the issue before it causes additional damage.

When is the Best Time for AC Maintenance?

Ideally, before you really feel like you need it. In the Clearlake area, this means during downtime. Depending on current weather patterns and conditions, you should schedule maintenance between late Fall to early Spring.

If you haven’t had maintenance in over a year or you’re uncertain when your last maintenance visit was, it’s best to schedule one as soon as possible. It doesn’t take nearly as long as people think for air conditioners to build up dust, debris, and wear down lubrication on moving metal parts.

Maintain Now and Save Stress Later

If your AC still runs, it’s not too late to call and begin a routine maintenance schedule. A professional maintenance technician can assess every minor or major issue with your AC unit and help to maintain it. Call the air condition maintenance Clearlake residents trust.

Contact us today to schedule AC maintenance before your unit runs into a major problem. 

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