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Have You Scheduled AC Maintenance Yet?


It makes sense that when you hear an HVAC professional suggest annual maintenance for your air conditioner, it can be an easy thing to brush off. After all, it’s not like there is anything seriously wrong with your air conditioner, so why schedule a service and pay for it if you don’t need it right now? What if your air conditioner is working “just fine”?

Well, we think your air conditioner could and should work much better than “just fine.” In fact, professional maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner works as efficiently and effectively as it is designed to, throughout its entire lifespan. You can say that you can’t afford to go without maintenance, and it would be an accurate statement.

The Power of Professional AC Maintenance

If you’re new to the world of central air conditioning, you might also be new to the world of maintenance. Unless you have a car you drive! Think about it—you have to have annual tune-ups to make sure it keeps running like it’s meant to, right? Well your air conditioner deserves this same level of care.

During your air conditioner tune-up, our technicians come in and comprehensively clean and adjust the major components of your air conditioner that need it, plus we thoroughly inspect it to see if there are any repair needs. If there are any repair needs, we’ll alert you to them right away so you can get them on your schedule right away.

Overall, this service will improve the longevity and the operation of your cooling system, and we really can’t stress just how important this is.

The Best Time to Schedule Maintenance

Generally speaking, we suggest to homeowners that they schedule their air conditioning tune-up right before they need their system the most. So, this would be early spring. Don’t worry though, it’s not too late! In fact, it’s never too late to have air conditioning maintenance done, unless the system has completely broken down and is beyond repair.

Frequency actually matters much more than what time of the year you have this service done. As we alluded to above, maintenance for your air conditioner should be done once a year. If you have a year-round heat pump system, then you should have professional maintenance done every six months.

Improve Your Family’s Comfort and Safety

One of the key reasons we recommend our customers stay on top of their annual air conditioning maintenance appointments is for their comfort and the comfort of their household. Over the years, AC systems start performing less and less efficiently and effectively, Components start wearing down due to wear and tear, just as they would if your vehicle if you skipped automobile maintenance.

Additionally, maintenance helps keep you safe. That’s not to say that air conditioner are dangerous appliances. They’re not. However they do have components in them that could become dangerous—such as refrigerant. An ill-maintained air conditioner could have a refrigerant leak, and exposure could be harmful.

The best way to avoid this is by contacting our team and scheduling routine air conditioner tune-ups!

For professional service on your air conditioning in Santa Rosa, CA, contact Jonas Energy Solutions today!

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