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“Help! My Heat Pump Won’t Switch Modes”


This is the time of year when, if you have a heat pump, you’re grateful for it to be able to manage the chilliest of winter weather and the harshest of summer temperatures. Since springtime is sort of an uncertain season, where we can have a cold spell just as easily as a heatwave, it’s always good to have one system that can do it all!

But what if you go to switch your heat pump from heating to cooling mode, only to discover it won’t work? This is one of the most common problems that people have with their heat pumps, and it’s one that our techs are familiar with repairing. We can get your heat pump back to normal.

Read on as we uncover what might be going on when your heat pump experiences this problem.

You Might Be Having Thermostat Problems

One of the less serious problems with your heat pump isn’t a heat pump problem at all–it’s a thermostat problem. The thermostat might have lost its connection to the reversing valve, a component we’ll talk more about in a moment.

Your heat pump’s thermostat uses different wire connections in order to activate various components of the heat pump to turn it on and off, and if the thermostat is unable to operate the reversing valve then the heat pump will remain in one mode.

It’s alternatively possible that the heat pump isn’t accurately sensing temperatures, and is recording temperatures indoors as lower or higher than they actually air. This is going to prevent your HVAC system from operating as it should, whether it’s a heat pump or not.

Fortunately, we can recalibrate your thermostat for you!

You Probably Have a Stuck Reversing Valve

This is the most common culprit of a heat pump that won’t switch modes–a stuck or broken reversing valve. This component is what makes a heat pump different from a central AC. You see, a conventional central air conditioner pulls heat out of the air in your home and passes it over refrigerant-filled coils in order to provide your home with chilled air.

The heat pump difference is that the reversing valve allows this process to go in reverse–the refrigerant changes directions, so to speak, and is able to pull warm air from the outdoors and transfer heat into your home.

The reversing valve is a mechanical component that has different parts to it. It can wear down, become stuck, or break. Whatever the case, it can fully prevent a heat pump from switching modes.

The only way to know for sure what’s going on with your stuck heat pump is to call our team. Both of these repair needs are relatively easy for us to manage, but it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t ever try repairs on your own. It can do more harm than good to the system, and can accidentally cause injury.

Contact our team when you need reliable heat pump services. Jonas Energy Solutions: Become a Part of the Solution!

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